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Passport, Inc. takes seriously the call of God on all people. We are not looking to hire known personalities. Passport intentionally seeks a diverse range of college and seminary students from across the country, whose commitment to Jesus Christ authentically leads them to invest in a summer of ministry with young people. We celebrate the family of God. Passport seeks to provide positive role models that reflect the broad beauty of the family of God. We try hard to represent the wide range of campers that participate in our summer programming with a diverse staff.

With campers joining us from all over the world it is our goal to have role models for each of them on our summer teams. Join us in praying that God will move just the right people to lead your students at camp this summer.

Change Lives

Choosing to invest in young lives through discipleship and service shapes the future for both you and campers. As a PASSPORT staffer, you will be used by God in ways you wouldn’t have imagined before coming to camp.

Explore God’s Call

Discover new avenues of personal ministry as you practice your gifts of leadership in a new setting.

Practice Stewardship

Committing to a summer of ministry does not mean committing to eating a summer of Ramen Noodles! As a PASSPORT staffer, we will cover your room and board, pay you for 10-day training, and cover all camp-related travel expenses. Oh, and did we mention that weekly paychecks start at $300?

What is working Passport like?

Meet Your 2017 Program Staff

As we reflect on Maundy Thursday and Jesus’ commandment to the disciples to “Love one another as I have loved you,” we ask that you lift up these student leaders who are preparing to share Jesus’ love with with thousands of campers this summer.

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Why I Work PASSPORT: Katherine Mullen

My time as a PASSPORT staffer taught me that Christ-like love is more evident in our world than we realize. At camp, this wonderful example of Christ-like love manifests in the hearts of young people and spreads like wildfire through the week.

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Why I Work PASSPORT: Zoe Bolen

Work. PASSPORT. It challenges you in beautiful ways and brings amazing people into your life that understand you and your journey. It provides you with a community that lasts after the summer ends and into the fall.

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Why I Work PASSPORT: Jon Chacko

Passport will renew your love for others, broaden your understanding of people, and strengthen your faith tremendously. You will have an impact on someone. Absolutely apply to work for passport.

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Why I Work PASSPORT: Jackson McCarthy

PASSPORT is…family. No matter your age, gender, race, or social status—if you know PASSPORT, if you have been a camper, or have been on staff—you are part of our family, and it’s a strong family.

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Why I Work PASSPORT: Rebekah Gordon

One of the best parts about working camp is the community you find with your staff. My favorite memory was when my whole staff got together and sang karaoke, pretty badly I might add, belting out anything from High School Musical to classic rock.

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