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PASSPORTkids! is 4 day, 3 night children’s camp for children who have completed 3rd – 6th grade filled with fun faith-building programming and hands-on missions education.

At camp, your kids will discover God’s love and practice being followers of Jesus through an active schedule of Bible studies, missions education, recreation, and worship. As group leaders, you’ll be able to focus on engaging your children as they explore their faith without any the burden of planning and logistics.

PASSPORTkids! has laid a great foundation in our kids and youth by providing a mission-oriented, theologically sound grounding in the Christian faith, and how to live it in service of others.

–Irmgard Schopen-Davis, Fellowship Baptist Church, GA

Passport provides a beautiful balance between fun, learning, service, and worship.

-Regina Erwin, Emmanuel Baptist Church, LA

Passport is always thoughtful, intentional, and challenging with a ton of fun included.

-Chris Cherry, St. Andrew’s Baptist Church, SC

What To Expect:

Safe Structured Environment

Your children’s safety is the staff ‘s number one priority. Every session boasts a 1 to 5 adult to child ratio. PASSPORTkids! promises a physically, spiritually, and emotionally safe environment for your children to learn and develop their Christian identity.

Hands-On Mission Education

Everyone, no matter the age, can be a part of God’s amazing work. Through interactive missions education, your children will learn and participate in what God’s people are doing around the world. Each year’s missional theme educates your kids about new places and people groups, with a focus on how to be a good neighbor globally and at home. And at PASSPORTkids!‘s hallmark party, Night Market, your children will ‘travel’ to a night bazaar and explore sights, sounds and tastes of the country they have been learning about.

Developmentally Appropriate Programming Rooted In Scripture

PASSPORTkids! is focused on creative discipleship in a way that meets your children where they are. Our team works year-round to create programming and activities designed for each developmental stage. Through hands-on activities and thoughtfully planned teachings, each of your children will be taught scripture within a framework designed for their optimal learning and development.

Intimate Low-Pressure Experience Aimed At Equipping Children For A Lifetime Of Faith

PASSPORT intentionally has created an intimate, grace-filled, low-pressure environment for your children to build their spiritual foundation. All of our messages are thoughtfully designed to bring the Bible to life and grow your children’s understanding of how much God loves them.

Mentorship and Pastoring By Young Christian Women & Men

Your children will have the opportunity to meet and learn from our diverse and incredible staff. PASSPORT employs called and committed Christian women and men for our summer teams. Encountering a relatable Christian role model can change a child’s life, encourage them as followers of Christ, and help them understand what lived-faith looks like.

Ability To Tailor Experience To Your Group’s Needs

Have children that need special accommodations? We are committed to make your camp experience accessible and valuable. Email us for specific requests or concerns.

Bible Study

The PASSPORT team spends all year crafting creative and thoughtful curriculum for your children’s Bible Study. Building on itself through-out the week, Bible Study is time explore the yearly theme and dig into the daily scripture passages. Rather than being relegated to merely the consumers of the curriculum, your children will be given opportunities to lead and share their thoughts. Thoughtfully employing art projects, story telling, quiet moments and group work, Bible Study time engages children of all learning styles.

Child Participation

Camp is not just for children; it is by children. PASSPORT encourages our campers to be active participants by offering opportunities to lead in Bible study, worship, mission rotations, and other aspects of camp. From performing a thematic drama, to reading scripture or prayer, or leading a processional in worship, your children will be taught that they are not just the future of the church, but they are the present of the church.

Rec Party

Starting camp with a bang, the first night’s Rec Party is a fast-paced, big game, all-stops-pulled-out recreation event! Team spirit is high as campers participate in their Bible Study Groups, with painted faces and team cheers ringing through the night air. The games require a variety of skills, from relay-style races to adventure initiatives, and each team must work together to achieve the goal. /

Night Market

If you traveled to Africa, Asia, or South America, you would likely visit a crowded, bustling marketplace. PASSPORTkids! brings the market to camp! Each year, we visit a new part of the world, with the staff playing roles that represent the breadth and diversity of that culture. Authentic costumes and materials abound in an interactive event that has campers trying on exotic clothing, tasting unique foods, playing new games, and bartering for goods or activities along the way. In each camper’s passport (the printed guidebook they carry throughout camp) is a scavenger hunt to add an extra dimension of fun and challenge to the Night Market!

Variety Show

On the last night of the session, the children showcase their interests and abilities in a camp-wide Variety Show. Humorous skits are among the most popular acts, accompanied by musicians, dancers, and novelty acts. The best and most meaningful presentations are the ones that churches prepare well in advance and that include all the members of their group. We’ve begun a tradition of all campers attending the show in costume, which allows EVERYONE a chance to participate in the fun. There is plenty of laughter, applause, and encouragement to go around!

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