A day at PASSPORTkids is action-packed, and our campers never run out of exciting ways to encounter Christ, embrace community, and extend grace to the world. The day’s events include:

Day 1 (Opening Day)

12:00-2pm Camp Check-in

 2:00pm Camper Free Time

 3:00pm Opening Celebration

 4:00pm Children go to Bible Study Groups (Orientation)
Adults go to Meeting & Devotion

 5:00pm Dinner

 6:30pm Worship & Response

 8:00pm Rec Party

 9:00 Return to Lodging (all campers must be in rooms at this time)

Showers, Bedtime Devotions (led by adult chaperones)

10:00 Bedtime/Lights Out

Day 2 & 3

 7:45am Breakfast

 8:30am Devotion Zone

 9:00am Morning Celebration

 9:30am Bible Study
Adult Meeting & Devotion

10:45am Camper’s Choice

12:00pm  Lunch

12:45pm Rest Time

Sixth Sense (For Sixth Graders only)

 1:45pm Camper’s Choice

 3:00pm Free Time (with options)   

Use Checkpoint for drop-off and pick-up

 3:15pm Variety Show Screenings (Day 2 only)

 5:00pm Dinner

 6:00pm Worship Preparation

 6:30pm Worship & Response

 8:00pm Day 2 – Night Market; Day 3 – Variety Show

 9:00pm Return to Lodging, Devotions

10:00pm Bedtime/Lights Out

Day 4 (Closing Day)

 7:45am  Breakfast

 8:30am Devotion Zone

 9:00am Morning Celebration

 9:3am Camper Bible Study
Adult Evaluation

10:30am Closing Worship

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