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Passport, Inc. is a national non-profit whose goal is to work for integrated, ecumenical, inspirational summer programs that model important lessons like service in the name of Christ.

Address: Passport, Inc.
3421 Sierra Drive
Birmingham, AL 35216

Phone:205-822-1990 or 800-769-0210

Business Hours: 8a-5:00p CST M-F


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3421 Sierra Drive Birmingham, AL 35216

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Download FREE 'Do Missions Differently' Youth Ministry Curriculum

How do we serve in a sustainable way?
Help your youth wrestle with many of the issues being discussed in academia, among mission agencies, and in many other common places concerning the role and sustainability of mission work in the world in which we live.

These lessons will deepen teenagers’ and adults’ understanding of what it means to “be on mission” in the 21st century.

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