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Please select the team(s) you are interested in working. You can find detailed descriptions of the teams and job positions here.


Please select two staff positions you feel you are interested in working. You can find detailed descriptions of the teams and job positions here.

* Indicates a mandatory, pre-summer training weekend.

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Program dates range from May 26 – August 6, 2018

Reference: Returning Staffers

Staffers who have worked for Passport, Inc. previously are required to supply one reference. The reference should be someone who has worked with you in ministry in the past year. References may not be Passport employees or family members of the applicant, but should know you well.

Please name an adult over 30 who has worked with you in ministry. Please request any needed exceptions.

References: New Applicants

Candidates who have not worked for Passport, Inc previously, or who have worked as a Summer Staff Intern, please list 3 people who are not related to you that will be a reference for you using the following criteria (all information MUST be included).

These individuals should not be current Passport Inc., employees or family members of the applicant but should know you well. Please request any need exceptions.

All information contained within this application will remain confidential.

1. Your Pastor/other Church Leader:

2. Youth/Campus Minister/Professor:

3. An adult over 30 who has worked with you in ministry:

By submitting this application, I acknowledge that I have contacted each of the above references to let them know they will receive a reference form from Passport, Inc.

Background Questions

Because PASSPORT Staff work with minors, it is necessary to ask the following yes/no questions in the application process. An answer of “Yes” to any of the following questions does not necessarily disqualify you from employment with Passport, Inc. If you select “Yes,” please feel free to explain below or contact

Release Authorization Form

All Passport, Inc. employees must undergo a background check for the protection of each employee as well as the protection of all those with whom you could be working. Once hired you will receive this form. The background check will not actually be performed until a position has been offered to you and you have accepted it. In addition, staffers age 21 and older may undergo a driver history check and may be asked to drive during the summer.

Passport, Inc. is committed to helping students come to a better understanding of Jesus Christ and his place in their lives. I understand that ministry is the purpose of Passport, Inc., and my involvement would be in ministry to students in a camp setting. In light of that, I testify the above statements to be true and honest evaluations of my gifts, experiences, and ministry.

By submitting my name, I acknowledge that I am signing this application.

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