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PASSPORT knows that one-camp-does-not-fit-all. With new students coming and others graduating every year, your youth group’s dynamic, personalities and needs are totally unique and constantly changing. Whether you are looking for a traditional summer camp experience, creative discipleship training or a meaningful mission trip, PASSPORT offers a variety of summer programs for your group to choose from.

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PASSPORTmissions Camp

PASSPORTmissions offers your youth group the excitement of summer camp with the adventure of a mission trip. For six days and five nights, your students will grow closer to the Lord, put their faith in action through meaningful mission projects and have the summer of their lives!

  • 3 Hours Of Hands-On Mission Work Per Day
  • Themed Bible Study
  • Morning Celebrations & Worship
  • Camp Parties – Rec Party, Dance, Variety Show

PASSPORTchoices Camp

PASSPORTchoices is a 6-day, 5-night creative discipleship youth camp that allows your students the freedom to customize their camp experience, explore their passions and live out their calling. At PASSPORTchoices, your students have the freedom to customize their camp experience by choosing from multiple afternoon activities designed to help them cultivate their unique identity as a follower of Jesus Christ.

  • 3  of Choice Curriculum Per Day ( Missions is a Choice option)
  • Themed Bible Study
  • Morning Celebrations & Worship
  • Camp Parties – Rec Party, Dance, Variety Show


MissionBASE Mission Trips

MissionBASE is a mission expedition into the heart of the city dealing with a variety of issues. Each MissionBASE will focus on the history, challenges and culture of a particular city. MissionBASE is a new experience. 
MissionBASE is not camp. It’s not a retreat. It isn’t even a mission trip in the traditional sense. MissionBASE is a chance to live in community with one another, surrounded by new neighbors for the week.

  • 6 Hours Of Hands-On Mission Work
  • Family Group Discussion Groups
  • Vesper Worship and Morning Devotionals
  • Community Field Trips – Civil Rights Museum, Prayers Walks, etc

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