Thanksgiving Announcement

from the Capital Campaign Committee!



We have now surpassed our $1,500,000 pledge goal for the PASSPORT MATTERS Capital Campaign!

This day wouldn’t have come without hundreds of pledges and gifts from people all over the country! We have received pledges from camper parents, former campers, current and former summer staffers, and friends who believe with us that Passport matters.

With the money that has come in, we have already reduced our mortgage by over 50% – and soon it will be paid in full! We have invested in new technology and equipment for our programs, and we have been adding to our scholarship fund. Already, over 400 campers have received a scholarship because of this campaign!

We want to thank our Capital Campaign Committee chaired by Executive Board Member Carolyn Anderson. “Remember Passport Matters because developing mature Christians matters. I am grateful for the many friends who have joined with us in this campaign.” 

While we are so excited to have fully pledged this campaign, the continuing reality for our ministry is we need outside partners coming along side us to help subsidize the cost of camp to those we serve. Each time we raise the price of camp, we lose churches who serve a less affluent community and the precious students they bring. We know that our model doesn’t appeal to the masses. Our churches choose Passport because they trust us to tackle relevant topics with theological integrity, and they know we affirm and model women in leadership, especially with in the camp pastor position.

The Capital Campaign sets us up for a more secure future, but it does not solve our annual revenue shortfall – only consistent annual giving from a base of supporters will allow our ministry to continue to thrive.

There is still time to join the campaign with a pledge or gift, but we also invite you to consider becoming an annual shareholder with Passport through your giving. To learn more, visit

Board Members

Libby Allen
Carolyn Anderson
David and Colleen Burroughs
Bill Crouch
Jerry Dent
Patti English
Charles Evans
Rob Fox
Grace Freeman
Nathan Hanson
Robert Maddox

Passport Office Staff

Samantha Bush
Dale Massey Eshelman
Daniel Ingram & Marnie Fisher-Ingram
Scott & Dixie Ford
Anna Goode
Laura Koone
Mark McClintock
Lindsay Morton
Emily Parrish
Amanda Short
Dale Tadlock

Campaign Committee

Allison Case
Ken Fisher
Gary Furr
David Haun
Emily Holladay
Tim Hunt
Summer Hyche
George Mason
Julie Pennington-Russell
Kyle Reese
Katherine Smith
John Uldrick


Josh & Jessi Bailes
Kristin Belcher
Marilee Betz
Justin Bishop
James Blay
Chris Boler
Sarah Briggs
Carmen Brock
David Brooks
Tara Brooks
Amy Brown
Julianne Brown
Paul & Shauw Chin Capps
Callie Carruth-Harper
Jenny Clamon
Blair Close
Lauren Colwell
Emily Davenport
Heather Deal
Chris Dean
Amy & John Derrick
Kyle & Lisa Dobyns
Jeffrey Dunkerley
Alyssa Fea
Jaime Fitzgerald
Meredith Forssman
Amy Gallaher
Courtney Goodloe
JD Granade
Adam Granger
Shannon Greer
Matt & Mary Elizabeth Hanchey
Melanie & Greg Harrell
Carol Harston
Aaron Hazelgrove
Britt Hester
Caleb Hopkins
Tami Hopple
Lauren Hovis
Chris Hughes
Sara Hunt-Felke
Lucy Insko
Maggie Jenkins
Jonathan Johnson
Mary Katherine Johnson
Jeffrey Kellow
Kristen Koger
Samuel Lian
Chris Liles

Rebecca Lindhout
Tracey Robinson Lopez
Valerie Lott
Amy Lyda
Erin Lysse
Rhody Mastin
Emily Hull McGee
Ann Elizabeth McInvale
Ryan McKnight
Katie McKown
Mandy & Dave McNeely
Megan Kash Meyers
Ashley Morgan
Andrew Noe
Danita Osborne
Angela Oxford
Lindsay Parks
Norah Pence
Timothy Peoples
Shelley Prevost
Susan Reed
Ginny Richardson
Beth Riddick
Chris Robertson
Rachel Shapard
Meagan Smith
Sara Smith
Kacey Stafford
Zeke Stephenson
Nancy Leigh Strum
Matthew Sturtevant
Elizabeth Sutton
Richie Swiger
Brenda Thompson
Grace Thompson
Molly Shoulta Tucker
John Turner
Jennifer Van Camp
Byron Vance
Andy Watts
Courtney Willis
Anna Kate Wilson
Allison Wray
Molly Brummett Wudel


Chris Aho
Jerald & Millicient Albright
Randy & Ann Ashcraft
Pat Ayres
Bonnie & Gary Ballard
Mac & Rebecca Brown
Bob & Esther Burroughs
Merryl Cooper
John & Jeanette Cothran
Anita & Lad Daniels
Ellen DiGiosia
Jordan & Anne England
Joel Esslinger
Arlene & Bruce Fransen
Melissa Gallman
Sharon Halsey
Tracy & Jay Hartman
Lisa Hartmann
Todd Heifner
Matthew Hensley
Robert & Margaret Hill
Jim & Linda Hopes
Patrick Jones

Jeff & Mary Kerrigan
Courtney Kihlberg
Jill Knight
Kirk & Mandi Landau
Bruce & Jeri Liles
Deb Loftis
Phill & Gloria Martin
Lance Mayes
Sammie McClatchy
Sharon McElveen
Bill & Penny Oliver
Jeff & Debbie Pethel

Virginia Phipps
Morgan & Peggy Ponder
Bo Prosser
Kendall Ratliffe
Jonathan Redding
Eileen Campbell-Reed & Lynn Reed
Melody & Will Reid
Paul & Susan Richardson
Alicia Satchell
David Sherwood
Kristi & Tom Sordillo
M.A. Travis & Donald Stevens
Chris Thomas
Tony & Kristen Vincent
Greg & Cheryl Warner
Amy Williams
Jean & Troy Willingham
Bill & Kathy Wilson
Julia Wright
James Platt & Sandy Yates


Antioch Baptist Church, Mamers
Auburn First Baptist Church Youth Committee
BAM Youth of Lexington First United Methodist Church & First Baptist Church
Baptist Church of the Covenant, Birmingham
Broadmoor Baptist Church, Baton Rouge
Broadway Baptist Church, Louisville
Calvary Baptist Church, Lexington
Christ & Grace Episcopal Church, Petersburg
Colonial Avenue Baptist Church, Roanoke
Episcopal Church in Minnesota
Faith Baptist Church, Georgetown
First Baptist Church, Asheville
First Baptist Church, Frankfort
First Baptist Church, Gainesville
First Baptist Church, Macon
First Baptist Church, Richmond
First Baptist Church, Rome
First Baptist Church, Savannah
First Baptist Church, Washington, DC

First Presbyterian Church, Greensboro
Fredericksburg Baptist Church
Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church, Jacksonville
Heritage Baptist Church, Cartersville
Immanuel Baptist Church, Nashville
Memorial Baptist Church, Buies Creek
Milledge Avenue Baptist Church, Athens
Oxford Baptist Church
Pintlala Baptist Church
River Road Church, Baptist, Richmond
Second Baptist Church, Richmond
Shades Crest Baptist Church, Birmingham
Smoke Rise Baptist Church, Atlanta
Trinity Baptist Church, Seneca
Tryon First Baptist Church
Vestavia Hills Baptist Church
Wilshire Baptist Church, Dallas
Wingate Baptist Church
Woodbrook Baptist Church, San Antonio
Yates Baptist Church, Durham
Zebulon Baptist Church


Africa Exchange

Eula Mae and John Baugh Foundation

Bradley Arant Boult Cummings Charitable Foundation

Coopertative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina

William F. Poe Foundation

Sholar Family Foundation