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MissionBASE is a thoughtfully planned weeklong missions expedition into the heart of the city that connects your students with unmet needs in ways that respect communities, encourage relationship building and ignites passion for service in the name of Jesus.

Each MissionBASE assignment will focus students on the history, challenges and culture of a particular city. Whether working with literacy programs in Atlanta, prepping food for a kitchen in DC, or hammering a nail in Memphis every MissionBASE trek offers a clear purpose and mission, careful preparation, and experienced staff guides prepared to help lead the way. Groups will rest, recharge, reflect, and discover a deep respect for the culture and people encountered along the way. Together you will have conversations about sharing the kindness of Christ in practical ways.

“It may not always be “work” in a physically demanding way, but it was emotionally, relationally, and theologically demanding in that you had to stretch to begin to see God in places most of us would miss.”

-Josh Hayden, Cornerstone Baptist Church


Space for youth to encounter Christ, meet new friends, see a different way of life and part of the world.

-Brooke Holloway, Memorial Baptist Church, VA

You continue to amaze me at the reach you extend to surrounding communities and it is great to see the impact on the campers and also the people they are helping.

–Chris Gourley, North Riverside Baptist Church, VA

What To Expect:

Immersive Missions Experience

MissionBASE is an immersive missions experience – every aspect of the trip will point toward the Passport philosophy of “Doing Missions Differently.” MissionBASE provides church groups the chance to live and work together in an urban community. Students will grapple with the tough realities that many neighbors deal with daily, and spend time talking about the history and culture of the community while reflecting on their own experiences and encountering new people and ideas. The MissionBASE experience offers students the opportunity to gain new perspective and see life through a new lens.

Missions That Meet Real Needs & Invest In Communities

MissionBASE is not just another mission trip; it is an experience that will open students’ eyes and equips them with the knowledge and passion to live lives of service in their own communities.Working with local leaders and organizations to thoughtfully plan each project, your students will have the opportunity to offer real and sustainable value to the people and communities they will serve. From painting a widow’s house in Birmingham to teaching children to read in Atlanta, your students will return each day with dirty hands and full hearts.

Simple Missional Living

MissionBASE is about community, not luxury. Sleeping on a church floor, preparing food, washing the dishes and unplugging from wired life, your group will live simply and love deeply. MissionBASE removes the clutter to move your students out of their comfort zone and foster community within your youth group.

Emphasis on Group Relationship Building

We believe that the relationships within your youth group are crucial to your students’ spiritual growth. More than any of our summer experiences, MissionBASE offers the most time dedicated to fostering intergroup community. In addition to freetime, every night there will be thoughtful cultural experiences that will deepen your youth group’s connection to each other and the community they are serving.

Informal, Reflective, & Interactive Worship

Wear casual come-as-you-are attire and join your MissionBASE team in reflective and meaningful group discussion about your day’s work and the impact it had. MissionBASE offers students a stripped-down worship time for authentic reflection, learning, and sharing.

Increased Responsibility for Adults & Students

Our experienced MissionBASE staff serve as facilitators and guides. Adult leaders and students form teams responsible for significant portions of community life and are expected to come ready to be the hands and feet of Jesus. In order to most effectively serve with our partner organizations, we ask that you bring some adults with skills suited to your location-specific mission projects (see Special Requirements below).

MissionBase Atlanta


  • We encourage high-school groups or a mix of junior & senior-high students
  • Working with literacy & academic readiness projects
  • Conversations on systemic poverty, social justice and education
  • Communal living in Atlanta church
  • Nightly activities to Dr. Martin Luther King’s church,  Civil Rights Museum and others



MissionBase DC


  • We encourage high-school groups or a mix of junior & senior-high students
  • Working with partner agencies
  • Conversations on food security, health & poverty, and advocacy
  • Communal living in D.C, just blocks away from White House



MissionBase Memphis


  • We encourage high-school groups or a mix of junior & senior-high students
  • Working with community partners to meet real needs
  • Conversations on systemic poverty, social justice and racial reconciliation
  • Communal living in downtown Memphis church
  • Community Field Trips


MissionBase Birmingham


  • We encourage high-school groups or a mix of junior & senior-high students
  •  Mission details coming soon!

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