How Is Passport Different?

Student Leadership

PASSPORT is committed to a student leadership model where college and graduate school young adults lead our summer programs. We believe in the importance and power of your students seeing and interacting with Christian role models who are close to their own age. These encounters with a relatable Christian role model can change lives, provide encouragement, and model an active faith life.

While some programs hire professional speakers and musicians who come to the worship stage from a secluded green room, Passport staffers engage with your students throughout the day, learning their names, working and playing alongside them. We feel this gives our staff an authenticity as they come from the audience to lead worship each evening.

Camper Participation

PASSPORT isn’t a show that campers passively watch; it is an experience that is better because of their participation. PASSPORT encourages students to participate and lead all week in Bible studies, on mission sites, and during worship and evening parties. Your students may begin to realize that they are not just the future of the church; they are the church!


Ecumenical Thoughtful Theology

PASSPORT is committed to providing an ecumenical interdenominational camp experience. We believe there is something unique and holy when groups from different denominational backgrounds come together for worship and community. Throughout the week, we will learn from each other, practice flexibility and sharing grace with each other, and see the beautiful diversity in the Family of God.

In partnership with:

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

United Methodist Church

United Methodist Church

Presbyterian Church U.S.A. Youth Camp

Presbyterian Church U.S.A.

The Episcopal Church Camp

The Episcopal Church

Missions Done Differently

‘Doing missions differently’ means humbly serving others as the hands and feet of Christ. Committed to a sustainable missions model, our youth camps partner with long-standing local agencies to allow our students the chance to do meaningful work and learn about the yearlong ministries of these partner agencies. We try to help our students understand that ‘doing missions differently’ means serving others not for our own glory or good feelings, but because we are called to make ‘Earth as it is in heaven.’

At our children’s camps, we use hands-on missions education to show kids that no matter their age, they too can be a part of God’s amazing work. Each year’s mission theme educates children about new places and people groups, with a focus on how to be a good neighbor both locally and globally.

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