Choice Courses

Explore your Christian identity.

Note: Encourage your youth to try something new this year as curriculum may not change. 
Ministry Exploration and Training Camp


Explore what the Bible says about call, and spend time living out practical examples of ministry. Is God calling you? Do you have to be a minister to minister to people? What does the Bible say about it?

Cultural Appreciation and Understanding

Common Threads

Immerse yourself in different cultures, religions, and parts of the world and discover the threads we all have in common.

Christian Music Camp

Grace Notes

Engage your creative senses through lyrics, music, and authentic worship experiences. Mentored by worship leaders, you’ll have the opportunity to lead in worship.

Missions Camp


Put feet to your faith by investing in the lives of others, especially in your community. You’ll choose a mission project that allows you to minister to senior adults, care for children, or make someone’s home safe again.

College Prep Christian Camp

5 Things

Prepare yourself for the responsibilities life throws at you as you forge your way into adulthood – balancing a budget, doing laundry, finding a church, being a good neighbor, and time management. Make space for hearing the voice of God in the midst of life’s transitions.

Christian Sports Course

Huddle Up

Participate in recreation as an expression of faith! Discover team dynamics, creative play, and leadership development while playing alongside your friends. Team discussions will help you consider how recreation can promote rest and relaxation and also be a strong part of spiritual discipline.

Christian Theater Camp

Curtain Call

The drama of Scripture and the drama that fills our everyday lives are not without meaning and purpose. Participants in Curtain Call will explore the power of drama in expressing one’s self, shaping others’ souls, and following Christ in community.

Christian Arts Camp

Color Palette

Express your faith through images. Come paint, draw, sculpt, and work in mixed media. You’ll investigate how visual arts can impact a worship setting and as you are inspired, share it with others in worship at camp.

World Play

Do you dream of far off adventures? Come visit far corners of the globe by learning how to play games from around the world. Master the basics skills of Oshikura Manju, Kabadi or Las Cebollitas while discovering something new about the people and the place you might one day explore in person.



Show God’s creation the care we have been entrusted to give by identifying ways to make a difference. As stewards of our environment, we have a role to play in reducing our ecological footprint, and being leaders in the environmental movement. We’ll help the church of tomorrow lead in cleaning and preserving the earth entrusted to us all the way back in Genesis


High Rise

For 6-8th graders only! Your life isn’t the same as it was last year and neither are you. The new school year brings new opportunities and challenges. Prepare for your next phase of life by learning how to establish solid foundations with your faith, family and friends.


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