Passport is committed to a student leadership model and believes in the power of students seeing and interacting with Christian role models who are close to their own age. For 25 years, we’ve seen how encounters with a relatable Christian role model changes lives, provides encouragement, and models an active faith life. Each fall we set out to find a diverse range of college and seminary students from across the country, whose commitment to Jesus Christ authentically leads them to invest in a summer of ministry with young people.

Who are these wonderful staffers and why do they think that you should join them in ministry this summer?

Meet Rebekah Gordon, Bible Study Leader and 5 Things Choice Leader from the PASSPORTchoices team this past summer. Rebekah graduated from UNC Chapel Hill last May with a double major in English and Psychology, and has just started her first year in the Master of Divinity program at Campbell Divinity School.13659034_1162614587123724_3588980515669344286_n

Favorite memory from working this summer:
One of the best parts about working camp is the community you find with your staff. My favorite memory was when my whole staff got together and sang karaoke, pretty badly I might add, belting out anything from High School Musical to classic rock.

PASSPORT is a place that… has taught me so much about what being a Christ follower looks like. Even more, Passport empowered me not only to follow Christ, but to equip others to do the same. Without worrying about my age or gender or background, Passport empowered me to be a minister because they know that a minister can come in many different forms.

Passport is a community of believers devoted to love and service of one another, their community, and the God of all things. It is a place where all are welcomed as children of God. It is a place where anyone can find a place. It is a home.

How is PASSPORT different?
As a staffer, Passport is different because of the unbelievable opportunity you get. There are not many other places where you would be empowered to serve, teach, lead, and preach at such a young age. As a camper, Passport is different because Passport strives for radical inclusivity so that every camper feels like there is a place for them. Passport is different because no matter who you are, you are welcomed and you are encouraged to grow with Christ.

I experienced Jesus this summer…through the hearts of people. The Passport community is full of radically loving, compassionate, and courageous servants of Christ. This summer was full of fun at camp, but it was also full of tragedy in our country. With what felt like the constant presence of injustice looming over our nation, the Passport community felt sadness, confusion, and anger. In those moments, I saw Jesus in the hearts of people. I saw Jesus in campers who embraced each other in both times of joy and times of tragedy.

Best tip for a new staffer?
Let your heart be filled by your experience at camp. While you are there to serve, God will be working in your life as well. Listen to that presence and let it change you. If you do, your life may never be the same.


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