"I love how Passport encourages participation on all levels - for all gifts."
Mandy Allen, West End United Methodist Church
christian discipleship camp for youth groups

 PASSPORTchoices is a 6-day, 5-night creative discipleship youth camp that allows your students the freedom to customize their camp experience, explore their passions, and live out their calling. At PASSPORTchoices, your students choose from multiple afternoon activities designed to help them cultivate their unique identity as a follower of Jesus Christ. With Choice tracks ranging from environmentalism, to health and fitness, to music and ministry, your students will have the opportunity to explore their interests and discover how to live out the calling of God in their lives.

What To Expect:

Creative Discipleship Programming Designed To Foster Students' Passions & Interests 

Students have the ability to customize their camp experience by choosing from several afternoon activities, designed to ignite their passions and help them cultivate their unique Christian identity. With Choice topics ranging from environmentalism to health & fitness to music and ministry, your students are sure to find a topic they are passionate about. Check out the Choice course descriptions. 
Encourage returning students to try something new each summer, as the curriculum of individual tracks does not change.

Low-Pressure Worship Experience Aimed At Equipping Students For A Lifetime Of Faith
Our team works all year thoughtfully preparing messages that deepen your student's relationship with Jesus and creates meaningful conversations within your youth group.  Your students will find PASSPORT is an intimate grace-filled low-pressure environment where they can explore and grow their relationship with Jesus.

Programming That Puts An Emphasis On Youth Group Relationship

Think of us as your week-long ministry support staff!  We attend to the logistics and programming of camp and give you the freedom to focus on your students' spiritual growth and cultivate community within your group.

Mentorship and Pastoring By Young Christian Men & Women
PASSPORT employs committed Christian women and men for our summer teams. Encountering a relatable Christian role model can change a student's life, encourage them as followers of Christ, and help them understand what faith lived looks like. 

Fresh Camp Programming
With a new theme every year, PASSPORT offers your students an exciting and totally fresh experience every summer. 

Ability To Tailor Experience To Your Group's Needs
Have youth that need special accommodations? Interested in your youth group staying together for missions? PASSPORT is committed to make our camp experience accessible and valuable. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for specific requests or concerns.