As we reflect on Maundy Thursday and Jesus’ commandment to the disciples to “Love one another as I have loved you,” we ask that you lift up these student leaders who are preparing to share Jesus’ love with with thousands of campers this summer.



Left to Right: David Burroughs, Team Coordinator; Madeline Maney, Assistant Director; Natalie Andric, Recreation Coordinator; David Warren, Director; Anna Beth Mann, Worship Coordinator; Will Ward, Pastor


PASSPORTmissions Team

Left to Right: James Coleman, Pastor; Betsy Sutton, Mission Project Coordinator; Dale Tadlock, Team Coordinator; Noah Glover, Worship Coordinator; Wyahee Tucrkile, Recreation Coordinator; Margaret Whitworth, Assistant Director


PASSPORTchoices Team

Left to Right: Marnie Fisher-Ingram, Team Coordinator; Samuel Lian, Pastor; Meredith Bell, Director; Katherine Mullen, Worship Coordinator; Jackson McCarthy, Rec Coordinator; Lauren Muse, Choice Coordinator; John Turner, Assistant Director


We are so grateful for our student ministers!