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PASSPORTkids! Parties

Knowing the love of Jesus Christ is cause for celebration! Each night, campers enjoy a party related to the camp theme. Based on the year's themes & programming, the parties are new and vibrant every year. However, we have a few hallmark parties that campers can look forward to every year.

Rec Party

Starting camp with a bang, the first night’s Rec Party is a fast-paced, big game, all-stops-pulled-out recreation event! Team spirit is high as campers participate in their Bible Study Groups, with painted faces and team cheers ringing through the night air. The games require a variety of skills, from relay-style races to adventure initiatives, and each team must work together to achieve the goal.


Night Market

If you traveled to Africa, Asia, or South America, you would likely visit a crowded, bustling marketplace. PASSPORTkids! brings the market to camp! Each year, we visit a new part of the world, with the staff playing roles that represent the breadth and diversity of that culture. Authentic costumes and materials abound in an interactive event that has campers trying on exotic clothing, tasting unique foods, playing new games, and bartering for goods or activities along the way. In each camper’s passport (the printed guidebook they carry throughout camp) is a scavenger hunt to add an extra dimension of fun and challenge to the Night Market!


Variety Show

On the last night of the session, the children showcase their interests and abilities in a camp-wide Variety Show. Humorous skits are among the most popular acts, accompanied by musicians, dancers, and novelty acts.

The best and most meaningful presentations are the ones that churches prepare well in advance and that include all the members of their group. We’ve begun a tradition of all campers attending the show in costume, which allows EVERYONE a chance to participate in the fun. There is plenty of laughter, applause, and encouragement to go around!