whyiworkblog2016-jonPassport is committed to a student leadership model and believes in the power of students seeing and interacting with Christian role models who are close to their own age. For 25 years, we’ve seen how encounters with a relatable Christian role model changes lives, provides encouragement, and models an active faith life. Each fall we set out to find a diverse range of college and seminary students from across the country, whose commitment to Jesus Christ authentically leads them to invest in a summer of ministry with young people.

Who are these wonderful staffers and why do they think that you should join them in ministry this summer?

Meet Jon Chacko, former camper and Summer Staff Intern from the PASSPORTkids team this past summer. Jon’s favorite energizer is Fred the Moose because he loved when campers made their own versions of it!

My time as a PASSPORTkids! staffer taught me…kidscampstafferhow amazing kids are. Kids are much more intelligent and capable than they are given credit for.

PASSPORT to me is…a close-knit family that strives to make a difference in the lives of ALL people by making sure they know that they are loved and precious.

Why is student leadership important to you?
Student leadership makes it easy to relate to the campers; the campers have someone close to their age to look up to.

What makes PASSPORT different?
There is something for everyone, from the introverted campers to the extroverted. Passport has a balance of energetic, fun moments and quiet, reflective moments. Passport also makes sure that every camper that attends feels loved and included.

I experienced Jesus this summer by…serving people. Whether it was a camper that needed someone to talk to or a fellow staffer that needed help setting something up, I was able to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Favorite memory from working this summer:
My favorite memory of the summer was hearing campers talk to each other about Bible study, worship, or other camp related activities. It really showed me that what we do has an impact on the kids.

What didn’t you know before the summer that would have been helpful to know?
It’s hard to pay attention to the outside world because camp takes over one’s life without realizing it. I wish i knew this beforehand so I could have made more of an effort to call home.

Best tip you would give a new SSI:
SSI’s are vital to the team, make sure you know that you are valued and be willing to help at all times! And stay hydrated.

What would you tell a friend thinking about applying?
Passport will renew your love for others, broaden your understanding of people, and strengthen your faith tremendously. You will have an impact on someone. Absolutely apply to work for passport.