PASSPORT Campers Raise $52,141.18 For Watering Malawi

At PASSPORT, we believe that if given the opportunity, students CAN not only grasp the hardships facing the world, but they will WANT to be a part of the practical solutions of making earth as it is in heaven. It’s because of this belief that every summer PASSPORT educates campers about a country, it’s people, and how the Global Church is empowering and assisting in meeting the needs of the country’s most vulnerable. From Ukraine to El Salvador, PASSPORT campers have learned how God’s people are striving to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly all around the world.

This year, PASSPORT campers learned about Malawi and the work of PASSPORT’s umbrella non-profit Watering Malawi. Unlike other global offerings, Watering Malawi was started for and continues to be fueled by the power and generosity of PASSPORT students and churches. When PASSPORT’s Vice President Colleen Burroughs saw how many millions of Malawians were at risk after massive drought in 2005, she created Watering Malawi and turned to the campers she knew would help.

And respond they did. After learning about their Malawian sisters and brothers’ need for access to clean water, those campers went home and raised money, created Drought Out events, sold CrossWater Crosses, and continued to provide support for Watering Malawi’s efforts. In the 10 years since its inception, Watering Malawi has provided access to clean drinking water, constructed and maintained community gardens through irrigation systems, built fish farms, installed hand-washing stations and toilets in village schools as well as sponsored secondary and vocational education for women and girls.

This summer our campers learned about how far some Malawian children walk to an open water source, that even after retrieved, may make them and their families sick. At Night Market, PASSPORTkids campers carried water on their heads and learned how many more girls would be able to attend school if there was a village well. In Worship, we reflected on how many parts of our lives are made better or possible because of our ability to always access clean water. In Bible Study, we read how God calls us as Jesus-followers to address the injustices in our backyard and across the globe. And then we offered PASSPORT campers and churches an opportunity to participate in the justice work of providing living water.

As always, the PASSPORT community responded with love and action, giving a total of $52,141.18 in camp offering. From car washes to lemonade stands, we continue to be joyfully surprised at the unique and creative ways churches and students are continuing to advocate and raise money at home. From all of us at PASSPORT and Watering Malawi, thank you for all of your generosity and hard work.

If you want to raise awareness, funds, or create an event at your school or church for Watering Malawi, we’ve provided some materials for download in the button below.

Additionally, we have shared the three Mission Offering Videos on YouTube or you can download them using the button below for personal viewing.

Night 1 Mission Offering Video

Night 2 Mission Offering Video

Night 3 Mission Offering Video