“Thank you for all you do to connect kids with God in meaningful and hands-on ways. This is truly the best camp to grow closer to God and feel empowered to share Christ with the world. You are a blessing to our girls and me.”

Sally Tipton,

Memorial Baptist Church – Arlington, Virginia



Nov. 2 8:00 a.m CST

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June 12

1st Session of Youth & Kids Camps


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Youth Mission Trips

Engage a community. Participate in change.

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PASSPORTkids! Camp

Missions education. Bible study. Fun!

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PASSPORTmissions Camp

Bible Study. Missions. Fun.

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PASSPORTchoices Camp

Connect your kids’ passions with Christ.

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How Are We Different?

Student Leadership

PASSPORT believes in the importance and power of children seeing and interacting with Godly role models their own age. That’s why at PASSPORT camps, the camp pastor is serving lunches and at MissionBASE our staff is working alongside their students.

Camper Partcipation

At every PASSPORT program, you will see our commitment to student partcipation. From worship to celebrations to Bible study, we think its vital that students are given chances to lead, learn and engage at all levels of camp.

Ecumenical Theology

PASSPORT is committed to providing an Ecumenical interdenominational camp experience. We believe there is something unique and holy when groups from different denominational backgrounds come together for worship and community.

Partner in Ministry With Us This Summer!

In the past 24 years of ministry, we have had:


Mission Hours

Discipleship Hours


Giving Matters: Scholarship Fund

The idea started small, and then we found ourselves engulfed in the thought of living the Jesus Revolution. Up to this point, we had gone about our business of doing camp as usual, but then a few staffers realized that we could do more. What if we, from our own pockets, give to help a camper come and learn what this Jesus Revolution was all about? Once the question was voiced, the Spirit nudged us along and we saw just how meaningful this could be for us as a team, and for that one camper. Summer after summer, as staffers we do the best we can to put on an effective camp for the churches that entrust their campers to us. This past summer, we were introducing campers to the Jesus Revolution and inviting them to be a part. We sang songs, did Bible Study, worshipped, and had some great recreation and mission education time. For the most part, we figured our work was progressing well. Then a couple of staffers were reminded about a conversation we had earlier during our training week about campers who could not afford to come to camp. There were campers out there who would not have an opportunity to be with us simply because they did not have the money. What could we do? We decided that the least we could do was to help one camper come to camp. It is important to note here that for the most part these staffers were young college-aged student themselves. We decided to practice what we preached, to show our faith by our works. The team was... read more

Why I Work PASSPORT: John Turner

Growing up and being a camper, I knew thought it would be so cool to be one of the staffers. But as I got older, I realized there was a meaning that was much bigger than that. I knew that if I worked as a staffer, I had the chance to change the lives of youth that attended PASSPORT.

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Why I Work PASSPORT: Katey Brooks

PASSPORT encouraged me to embrace my childlike spirit that can so easily disappear in the midst of a stressful school year. PASSPORT taught me how to integrate and joyful heart and youthful presence with leadership positions and job responsibilities. That is one of the most valuable and helpful lessons I took home with me from the summer.

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